Signature by Sanjeev Kapoor, Melia Dubai

I remember the first time I smell Indian Curry, I could not stand it. Thanks to Daniel who slowly introduced the dishes, and now I actually love it very much!

For some people who are not used to the Indian spices find them really strong taste as well as the smell. My tolerance to the spice and chilly is quite high, as I grew in a family who eats chilly even for breakfast! So it is very easy for me to get used to Indian cuisines. But for those who don’t have the same level of tolerance, but want to taste the richness of Indian flavor, you must try this great Indian Restaurant in town.¬†Under the wings of the master Indian Chef Sanjeev Kapoor, Signature has its own distinguish flavor, and acceptable to all people, even for those who don’t like spicy food at all!

The ambiance of the restaurant is kind of dark, dominated with wood color. I tried to get a good quality of lighting for pictures with no luck. The dimming light is actually support the whole theme of the restaurant, giving some coolness to the heat of the food.

IMG_0366The initial Papadam with selections of chutney was well presented, and we munched them while waiting for our appetizer to come.


IMG_0369We loved their trio Chicken Kabab, especially the Chicken Parmesan. We had also the Fish Cake and Scallop as the appetizer.

IMG_0371The Prawn Curry cooked in a Coconut shell was the winner, we actually scrap the young coconut out to eat!

IMG_0375Last, the Orange and Ginger sorbet served with noodles and almond for dessert.


All and all, the experience was really great. If you are looking for authentic Indian cuisine with the right amount of spices, you might find their cuisine bland and lacking of the ‘kick’, but if you are same like me -amateur of Indian Cuisine lover- it is a recommended food to try.


Tips: When you order, tell the chef to cook the food as you want it: spicy, medium or not spicy. Strange for Indian Cuisine but believe me they will adjust it for you.

Signature by Sanjeev Kapoor

Melia Dubai

Kuwait street, Port Rashid

P. +97143868111

Price range for 2 persons: AED200 – 300 including soft beverages

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